Tomodachi Life 2 is the sequel to the 3DS game Tomodachi Life. This game will be released on the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2022, and a feature to transfer Miis from the original will be released for the 3DS the following year. The game contains specific aspects introduced/included in both versions

Gameplay Edit

The game features you and your Mii look-alike, along with other Miis you add and you help them with their problems.

New Features Edit

  • You can now look at your Miis in HD.
  • You can play mini-games at the Mii Arcade.
  • The Mii apartment have a swimming pool. -- There will be a public swimming pool for Miis.
  • You can now have twins and triplets.
  • You don’t need hair dye to dye a mii’s hair.
  • Same sexuality marriage -- No...
  • Miis can come out as part of the LGBTQ+ community -- No...
  • You can enable NSFW mode -- No....
  • Miis can have different eye colors.
  • Miis with kids can divorce, but the kids can try to get them back together
  • There can be step families, with step siblings, step moms & dads and also, half siblings
  • If teens, pre-teens have a bad relationship between their parents, on their house window, a yellow thought bubble will appear. Then, they'll say.. " I hate my parents, I want to run away from home and move to my own apartment! " You get to choose if they stay and help them and their parents get along, or run away from home and you pay for their apartment. And then a little cutscene of them and their parents talking, or them running away from home leaving a note saying " Things aren't working out...." The parents read it, and become sad.

Why are a lot of the features crossed out? Very simple. This game should be simple and for kids. Let's start with same sexuality marriage. Nintendo wouldn't do it. Why? Because they would need to censor the game a lot for countries which prohibit such sexual orientations. Or even not release it there. LGBTQ+ won't be added too. Why should you be able to be an activist in a game for kids. Let's make a Friday for future and Black lives matter option. That's just stupid. What the hell is meant with "NSFW mode". Even the Sims games which are made for older people are not NSFW. No popular simulation game has such an mode. Especially games for kids. The divorcing thing will also defeat the purpose of the game. It should be simple and fun and not a real life simulator. The rating T also defeats the purpose of the game. It's for kids!

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