• Looneytunerian

    The SFX Resource

    December 25, 2019 by Looneytunerian

    Me and Noah have started a new resource place, it's called: 

    The SFX Resource

    It is a much more organized SFX Wiki than that of the other SFX Wiki. 

    We also have a Discord Server there for anyone who would like to help out.

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  • OakFanClub

    My new wiki

    August 14, 2019 by OakFanClub

    Lode Runner Wiki

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  • Blurryrock

    Here are my character wishlist for the mobile game, Puzzle Fighter:

    • Guile
    • Zangief
    • Dhalsim
    • Sakura
    • Karin
    • Donovan
    • Hsien-Ko/Mei-Ling
    • Felicia
    • Demitri
    • Jedah
    • Akuma
    • Khaibit/Anakaris
    • Anita
    • Arthur
    • Firebrand
    • Vergil
    • Chris Redfield
    • Claire Redfield
    • Leon S. Kennedy
    • Albert Wesker
    • Crimson Viper
    • Laura
    • Nemesis-T Type
    • HUNK
    • Zero
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  • Larryangelo.rino.9

    Nick: Anybody hear me?!

    Ellis: I knew this guy who set the world record on standing on a ferris wheel-

    Coach: We ain't got time for this, Ellis.

    Nick: God damn it!

    Francis: (inaudible screaming)

    Nick, Ellis & Coach: (staring aimlessly at francis)

    Francis: (turns his neck to the 3)

    Francis: What?

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  • Blitz0248

    Here are the Season 3 wishlist for Street Fighter 5.

    • Sagat
    • C. Viper
    • Randy
    • Mike Haggar (from Final Fight series)
    • Edi .E (from Final Fight series)
    • Adon

    • Sagat's Stage (SFII Remake)
    • Adon's Stage (SFA3 Remake)
    • Metro City Subway Station
    • S.I.N. Abandoned Laboratory
    • Chun-Li's Stage (SFII Remake)
    • Neo Shadaloo Base
    • Tiger Tomb
    • Ken's Stage (SFII Remake)
    • Ancient Altar
    • Urban Cage
    • Dhalsim's Stage (SFII Remake)
    • Akuma's Stage (SFIII Remake)
    • Ring of Fire (New Capcom Pro Tour Stage)
    • Metro City Rooftop
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  • PeTe 2014

    Feature articles.

    August 5, 2017 by PeTe 2014

    Is there a feature article where a user's page is shown in the Featured Articles section?

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  • CouyZ (Rainbow Wisp)

    People of Video Games Fanon, I will be doing a fan-game project in Summer 2019 after the Season 1 finale of my new 2018 web series Fiction Faceoff, but it is all up to you to vote which idea I shall turn into a fan-game for this site during the summer of the next two years!

    A spiritual successor to Disney Infinity, and an action-adventure story-driven game in the similar veins of Skylanders and the 2013 game.

    A second reboot of my crossover fighting game idea of having characters from more than 1 TV channel fighting each other, first being Fightovision: Reloaded!, which is on Game Ideas Wiki.

    A retro pixelated parody and tribute to the Super Smash Flash games with characters from DreamWorks Animation.

    The strangest game idea for Super Smash Bro…

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  • CouyZ (Rainbow Wisp)

    Hello guys, this is CouyZ, also known as , and I would like to announce that I am doing a mini-project here on Video Games Fanon in between 2017 and 2018, that I would like to call....

    Yes, I am having my own interpretation of Super Smash Bros. There are 40 characters for each element. YES, there are elements, from Skylanders, in this fan game. 9 characters from the official Skylanders games, 3 characters from my cancelled Skylanders project, Skylanders: Reborn Trilogy, 10 Nintendo characters, 3 characters from Disney, 2 characters from Monster High, 2 characters from Grand Chase, 1 character from Cartoon Network, 1 character from Ever After High, 4 brand new versions of my own OC characters, including myself, who is also a DeviantART guest…

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    Hello! Haven't talked to you guys in quite a while. Just in case some of you don't know who I am, my name is Captain Ned Edgewalker (obviously), and I am from the Gamers Fanon Wiki, an affiliate of this wiki (for almost a year now!). This is an open invitation to you guys to come compete in the 'Wiki Olympics' that we're holding. You can see a more in-depth description here, but I'll basically and quickly explain it here.

    There will be a collection of 5 competitions spanning 4 games. These games are Minecraft, Conqueror, Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly.

    The rankings system will work like this: first place in a competition gets 3 points, runner-up gets 2 points, third place gets 1 and everybody else gets 0. The rankings will be tallied up…

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  • CouyZ (Rainbow Wisp)

    Hello, this is CouyZ. As you see here, I'm on my new Facebook account signed in to Wikia. Please just give it a chance. It's not a sockpuppet because it is not a Wikia account. I signed in with my new Facebook account so you won't consider the so called "sockpuppetry" being continued.

    Now, for Video Games Fanon, I'll show you a Pokémon game of mine.

    Everyone meet Pokémon Zero and Pokémon Infinity! This is an alternate version of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. These fangames will have a total of 106 new Pokémon (with 16 Hybrid Evolutions), 12 new Mega Evolutions and 5 new types, Light, Science, Beastly, Volume and Food. Light is strong against Dark and Ghost types but weak to Science, Fighting and Steel types. Science is strong against Fairy, …

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  • Athena Hawkins


    February 5, 2016 by Athena Hawkins

    i came to spend quality time with my friend jake the dog

    probably not a lot but enough

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  • E96

    Tunatoys Presentation

    December 30, 2015 by E96

    Greedings my friends! My name is E96 and I'm writing this to announce the creation of mah company: Tunatoys Games!!! The objective of my company is simple: create games and novels 4 fun n' the hope that one day someone will turn them into real games... Anyway, if you want to find out more please click HERE

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  • OrchidSomnium
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  • AdamGregory03

    Fresh New Start

    November 9, 2015 by AdamGregory03

    Okay, so I'm going to make this blog post quick: I've wanted to come back to this wiki for a while. I've wanted to keep contributing to this wiki. And I feel in order to do that, I need to have a fresh new start. So, any games I've made that I've likely not completed are now free to take over for yourselves or to delete, I don't care. I know there's a really low chance of anyone ever seeing this, but I just needed to do this on the off-chance there is.

    So anyway, I'll try to contribute more to the wiki, with some new games of mine, starting off with the following ideas:

    • Mario Kart NX Generation
    • Marvel: Heroic War
    • Project X Zone: Calamity Dimensions
    • Shonen Jump VS DC Universe
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  • Whirly Volcano

    Ok, there are people who claim the Wii U doesn't have any games... that's not true. I think there is a simple explanation. You know what Wii and Wii U have in common? Both can support games of the one previous console (for Wii, it's GameCube and for Wii U, it's Wii). So, instead of buying a Wii U, people are waiting for the next Nintendo console because it can probably support Wii U games as well.

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  • Cjo06

    Side Scroll review

    August 19, 2015 by Cjo06

    Hello, Today I will review Side Scroll

    a game for the Wii U, XBoX One, and PS4

    well first, I wanna say the gameplay sounds cool and the levels are cool and the bosses are cool so,

    I know this was short

    but I give this


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  • OrchidSomnium

    New Affiliation!

    August 13, 2015 by OrchidSomnium

    I'm proud to announce that we are now affiliated with the Gamers Fanon Wiki! The wiki primarily contains articles based on Pirates of the Caribbean, because it was originally based on the MMO Pirates of the Caribbean Online, which has since closed. Now, they have made it a fanon wiki not unlike our's. So, please check their wiki out when you have the time!

    Other affiliates:

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  • OrchidSomnium

    E3 a little early

    June 10, 2015 by OrchidSomnium


    In the same vain:

    Ryu (Street Fighter) and Roy (Fire Emblem) are DLC for SSB4!

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  • AdamGregory03

    My Return

    May 28, 2015 by AdamGregory03

    Come this very Summer...

    I, AdamGregory03...


    So um... Yeah...

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  • Somegranola

    Alright so I'd thought I'd a give a bit of info about an upcoming game I've been working on. The name at the moment is just called Bitey (named after the main character), since the idea is still really early but I do have some set concepts. The biggest one is that the genral look and feel will be that of an old timey cartoon. Other concepts include it being a action-adventure platformer romp, as well as having the use of hub worlds.

    That is pretty much it at this point, when it comes to solid concepts for the game as I will continue to work on the rest. I haven't made a page yet as I feel I don't have enough info on the game to warrant it. Also wanted to get a bit of input from the community first to even see if this idea would be a good one. …

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  • Somegranola

    New to the Wiki

    May 23, 2015 by Somegranola

    Hey everyone, my name's Somegranola and I stumbled across this wiki recently. It seems like a really cool wiki, if I understand it correctly and am eager to start making up my own games for it. However, I can't seem to find and guidelines or rules for the wiki and I'm worried the content I may end up creating will not be up to snuff.

    That is why I made this blog first so that I can ask some questions to help clarify some concerns I have before starting.

    1. Is the "Fanon" part of the wiki enforced? 

    I ask this because I am not sure if games that are created need to be part of already established/existing video game or need to use characters from said video game. If users are allowed to make up their own characters/settings/etc., that would be r…

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  • AStranger195

    Okay... I plan to copy all my fanon from Game Ideas Wiki to here. PSF starts... now! AStranger195 (talk) 04:09, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

    1. I copy and paste everything in the page.
    2. I remove the categories, because I don't want to create duplicate categories, just because it exists in an another wiki.
    3. I remove the consoles that aren't in VGF, such as the GigaCom or the V.T. Volcano. My consoles, the Konzol, PlayStation Vita 2, Konzol Tiny, and the Sega Dreamcast 2 are exempt from this step.
    4. I add the templates PSF and my new one, BelongsTo.
    5. I remove the infoboxes, and replace it with VGF's Game-infobox.
    6. I fixed the hyperlinks.
    7. I remove the disambiguations, such as The Sims 5 (2019) to The Sims 5.
    8. Done!

    AStranger195 (talk) 10:47, May 11, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Cygo Paythe

    Drawings I Made

    April 6, 2015 by Cygo Paythe

    These are some drawings I drew a while back:


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  • OrchidSomnium

    I uploaded every trophy from SSB4 Wii U

    it's supposed to be like the image gallery stuff but it's on my userpage

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  • OrchidSomnium

    Venus Skin

    February 14, 2015 by OrchidSomnium

    Wiki has a new skin coming out soon: Venus. It'll probably become the default, maybe even replace NWL.

    If you want to see how a page would look with the Venus skin, just add ?useskin=venus (or &useskin=venus depending on the base url) to the end of any wikia url.

    There's also a link on the monobook sidebar for me anyone who uses it.

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  • TimeSoul

    PSA - Global Nav

    January 4, 2015 by TimeSoul

    Wikia doesn't approve of editing the coding for the global navigation bar found on the NWL skin via the :

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  • Mattrio

    Happy Holidays & Some News

    December 26, 2014 by Mattrio

    Hello everyone!

    First of all, I wish a Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you!

    Secondly, I in the past talked about a wiki design's reboot but I thought and now I think that the wiki looks great like this, especially the main page, thank you ACL TimeSoul for your work I mainly removed this horrible Comic Sans MS font, I hate it!

    Tomorrow I go skiing for one week, and when I come back I will may do a fanon game! ;)

    (also, I ever you don't know I do some french YouTube videos but now I also do some video game's music 8-bitish remixes, if you want listen some of them just click here!)

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  • TimeSoul

    Wikia's Under Construction

    December 12, 2014 by TimeSoul

    new article designs that I like but not many other people seem to like

    and the new global nav bar that was recently introduced


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  • Mattrio

    Hello :3

    December 6, 2014 by Mattrio

    Pretty cool to see that this wiki is still active! For those who don't know me I'm the creator of VGFanon and I'm not at all active, and I'm sorry for that.

    I'm doing some design improvements, for a better experience in this wiki! Embracing minor change!

    EDIT: I see that Animal Crossing Leader is no longer ACL but TimSoul! \o/

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  • AdamGregory03


    December 2, 2014 by AdamGregory03

    On January 1, 2015, I will share with you a new Pokmon fan game of mine. ...That's it. Here are some of the Pokmons as a preview. No names, no further information. GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!

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  • TimeSoul

    Wiki Features

    November 30, 2014 by TimeSoul

    There are a bunch of new Wiki Features that we can try if you guys want.

    • Category Exhibitions show images in categories instead of just linking pages.
    • Message Walls are forums that replace talk pages. (more)
    • New image galleries that I don't know anything about. (more)
    • Maps that you can pin locations and links to.
    • Top 10 Lists that users can vote on. (more)
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  • TimeSoul


    October 29, 2014 by TimeSoul

    I can't view comments or notifications in Monobook. Has this happened to anyone else, or just me?

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  • Shy guy yellow

    Help Me! ;-;

    cHARACTER? Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) Foot Soldier (Plants vs. Zombies:Garden Warfare) Cooper Chance (Grabbed by the Ghoulies) Kaim (Lost Odyssey) Read more >
  • TheFoxyRiolu

    It is I, the amazing TKThunder, hailing from Fantendo. Those of you who are here, welcome! I saw this and I figured I'd join the community, so hello!


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  • Indigo Fusionbolt

    Okay, I re-joined Fantendo, and I'm making articles there.  Yay.  But I'll try to be active here, too.  Okay?

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  • TimeSoul

    I was thinking of making the wikia skin being a bit less biased. As it seems to be heavily based around the Super Mario Bros. underground, and this wiki is for video games and their fanon, I don't think SMB is a good way to represent that. I've currently made the background a gradient, and I've been thinking of making the logo unbiased as well. Of course, if you guys don't support this, as usual, it won't be done entirely.

    So, comment and crap below. :P

    EDIT: Seems Potter and Darkness like it, and since they make up over 50% of the semi-active users here, I guess it's staying. I've also changed the slideshow on the main page to be an image with a character from the three major game companies: Link (Legend of Zelda, Nintendo), Kat (Gravity Rus…
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  • Lumoshi

    Hey guys

    June 13, 2014 by Lumoshi

    We almost have 1,000 pages!

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  • Indigo Fusionbolt


    June 3, 2014 by Indigo Fusionbolt

    Yo everybody.  This is the Indigo Fusionbolt talking here.  I just joined some time ago, and, instead of coming back to Fantendo, I'm going to stay here on the Video Games Fanon Wiki.  I'm already making my first game, and I'm having a real fun time editing it.  I hope that I can contribute to this Wiki enough to at least become a rollback.  Anyhow, I need to come up with something else to put in my game.  Any suggestions? you think I should make a company about Donkey Kong?  I mean, I'm having loads of fun making Donkey Kong Galaxy.  But I only joined very recently.  Should I make the company?

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  • Sr.Wario


    May 27, 2014 by Sr.Wario


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  • Lumoshi


    May 27, 2014 by Lumoshi


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  • Fandraxono

    Hello, it's me, Fandraxono, otherwise known as Fandro!  I'm going to join this wiki, even though i'm not going to do much because there's Fantendo.  Happy Memorial Day :3

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    May 26, 2014 by LORD OF DARKNESS

    Hi everyone! My name is LORD OF DARKNESS, but you can call me LoD or Ben.

    I'm joining the wiki because it looks really cool and fun.

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  • RandomUser24


    April 19, 2014 by RandomUser24

    Kids, do not watch Spongebob Squarepants because it wins too many KCA's and it's time for you to stick with Phineas & Ferb.

    Phineas & Ferb: A good show.

    Spongebob Squarepants: NOT FUNNY!

    In next year's KCA's, do not vote for Spongebob Squarepants.

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  • RandomUser24

    This is my first fan fiction, Stop Twerking.

    Back in 2003, Miley Cyrus made an audition tape for Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana started in 2006 and everybody hated it but there is one defending guy named Josh McCoy who was hatched from a virtual egg 14 years old in 1999. Josh McCoy pursuaded the hates of Hannah Montana and he was saying that Miley Cyrus WASN'T a brat in the show. In 2011, Hannah Montana ended. In 2012, Miley Cyrus was kidnapped by the evil Johnny Test and he turned Miley Cyrus into an evil robot called MILEY. Miley Cyrus went to downfall in 2013 when she was turned (by Johnny Test) into MILEY. Josh McCoy was offended when Miley Cyrus was turned into MILEY. One day in the end of May 2013, he found an Omnitrix-similar watch c…

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  • RandomUser24

    F*** You Activision

    April 17, 2014 by RandomUser24

    You know what Skylanders Boy and Girl's invitation to the Skylanders 4 announcement said? It said "No one will enter under 18". WHAT THE VUCK, Activison? You made Skylanders Boy and Girl sad! PUCK THAT! What are they gonna do NOW, HUH? I'll kill you and I'll tell Nintendo to adopt your franchise and Spyro the Dragon! Here's my OC character's reaction to what you did, Activision.

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  • RandomUser24

    I Can't Think

    April 17, 2014 by RandomUser24

    I'm brainless. I'm still out of ideas. The ideas are a fanon game, an idea for the actual fifth Skylanders game or a topic to review or a fan fiction. Pick only one idea. Josh Rants is now a blog series. I'm going to do my first rant on May 1, 2014. Think in the comments about which the first rant is going to be on. Think of something I can't stand. Examples are Digimon, Annoying Orange, Breadwinners and Selena Gomez.

    Think of something that I could rant on. The pilot rants were on Beast Machines Transformers and Superbook. I'm going to rename them.

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  • MTRift

    Image Cleanup

    April 12, 2014 by MTRift

    There are so many images on this wiki, but there are a lot of images are just reposts of already exsisting images. Somebody needs to do something about this! There are already images and pages that are candidates for deletion.

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  • RandomUser24

    If you haven't read the first blog post, click here. This is Part 2 of "Lots of Feets". OK, I have seen the bare feet of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato but two of those three girls even showed their bare feet on their shows.

    It also happens to Nickelodeon Girls. The examples are Victoria Justice, Jennete McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove. Go to Google Images, type "Victoria Barefoot", "Jennete Barefoot" or "Miranda Barefoot" and a barefoot picture of Victoria/Jennete/Miranda on her show will pop up.

    This is the second and final part of Lots of Feets.

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  • RandomUser24

    BRR and I had heard that McDonald's are currently selling out toys inspired by both My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Skylanders: Swap Force at the same time. I saw a picture of Wash Buckler, Free Ranger, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy having lunch at McDonald's. Fluttershy is afraid of chicken nuggets because they're actually dead chickens and Fluttershy loves chickens. I'm giving criticsm to McDonald's for doing this. McDonald's, you have been one of my favorite resaraunts for so long. Now, STOP KILLING POOR CHICKENS AND TURNING CHILDREN INTO BIRD KILLERS! BUCK YOU MCDONALD'S! GO BACK TO YOUR BURGERS!

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  • RandomUser24

    Lots of Feets

    April 10, 2014 by RandomUser24

    Girls don't wear footwear that much. I've seen a lot of images, on the internet, they are showing their bare feet. Examples are Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Bridgit Mendler and Britney Spears. The girls who are barefoot the most are the three former Disney Channel female stars. Trust me, girl feet are sexy. Boys wear shoes a lot but some of them don't wear shoes that much either. They are barefoot as well. Imagine this. Spyro likes Selena's feet, Gill likes Demi's Feet, Trig likes Taylor's feet and Eruptor likes Miley's feet. Jesus Christ. Even if Terrafin likes Britney's feet and Pop Fizz likes Bridget's feet. Lots and lots of sexy bare feet dude. Click this link that shows the bare feet of one of the example girl…

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